Judit (Essex)

When our vets said that we had to put our dog to sleep was the worst new I had ever had, but we always knew that if we ever had to do it, it would be at home. It was a horrible time, but when I contacted Oli, he was really nice and kind. We were not sure at the beginning and I could talk to him about this decision. He was really approachable and we even changed the date because we were really sad and in doubt and he understood and helped us. 
When the day came, he was here on time, really kind with our dog, and understanding that he was scared of new people. He was very professional and gentle. He went to sleep in peace , in his bed, with us giving him lots of cuddles. It was so hard to find a vet that wanted to come to our home as nowadays with COVID no many vets do it. We were lucky to find Oli, and he hope that this doesn’t happen again, but if it does, I would for sure trust him again. Thank you Oli.

Published by Oliver Daniels

Veterinary Surgeon