What to expect

My aim to to make the process stress-free for you and your pet.

We specialise in peaceful home euthanasia for cats and dogs

A peaceful farewell

It is not always an obvious choice of what to do. We are here at every step, from when you are considering whether your pet has reached the end of their lives to afterwards when you need someone to speak to. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss whether we can help you today.

Each visit is tailored to your needs and the needs of your pet. We will discuss any requests and go through the procedure when we meet in person, so if you have any questions these will be answered. Every pet is unique so we are very flexible in terms of the procedure, in general there are four stages;


Introducing myself to both you and your pet. Letting them become familiar with me.


An injection to allow complete relaxation.


Once ready, a euthanasia solution injection is given, usually in the vein.


Our colleagues will collect your pet personally, shortly after. There area variety of cremation options, or if you would prefer home burial.


We want your pet to be relaxed. In their familiar environment, at home. While you may know your normal vet practice well, to your pet there is no substitute for being at home during this process. Avoiding a stressful journey in the car means less stress for you and your pet.


We will then give sedation, to completely relax your pet. This will take a short period of time to take effect- usually 5-15 minutes. During this time pets will often prefer to sit with their owners, as they fall asleep. When ready, we will place a catheter into the forearm. You can hold your pet throughout to comfort them if you wish.


When everyone is ready, we will proceed with the injection. During this time, your pet will be asleep. We tailor the route of injection to each individual animal to reduce stress. Normally owners will like to hold their pets close, which is encouraged to keep them feeling comforted knowing you’re there.


Our colleagues at the crematorium are able to collect your pet, if needed. The experienced staff will take care to safely transport to the specialised pet crematorium. You have the choice of either allowing scattering of the ashes in the crematorium glade (communal cremation) or having an individual cremation whereby your pets’ ashes are returned to you (Individual cremation). The different cremation options have costs seen here.

Home burial

You may wish to bury your pet at home. Please be aware that the drugs we use are still in your pet’s system after the visit, thus it is recommended to bury at least 3ft beneath the surface of the soil, with a solid covering over the body. There are situations whereby animals are not legally allowed to be buried at home, although in this context that is quite rare. This avoids the crematorium fees so costs less.

COVID secure

We provide a COVID secure service. I will be wearing face mask & sanitise hands before and after seeing you. I have a full covid vaccination course to protect you and your family, and am happy to perform the euthanasia in anywhere you feel most comfortable. Lateral flow tests are taken regularly. Please get in contact if you or your family member is isolating/ has special requirements.